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Chemically active rubber powder

We are not tires.

Aquajet Ltd. manufactures secondary raw material from end-of-life tires with a revolutionary new technology.The end-product is fine rubber powder (in the range of 30-400 microns).The reinforcing metal parts of the tires remain intact, thus the fine powder is not contaminated by steel.AquaJet’s fine rubber powder:

  • shows outstanding revulcanization characteristics,
  • is PAH compliant,
  • and has a wide range of applicability in the rubber industry, mainly in tire production.

AquaJet’s innovative technology has been acknowledged by the special prize of European Environmental Press and the Tire Technology International Awards.


Poprietary process of milling whole tires with ultra high pressure (UHP) water jets


Ability for direct revulcanization, immediate applicability in manufacturing of new rubber products, substitutes NR /synthetic components


With lowest ecological impact, the rubber powder produced is arguably the best rubber recyclate available

Aquajet is a novel approach to recycle tires into small-enough, high-quality rubber particles for reuse in tire products. The successful scaling up of the process shows potential for the future. Recycling and more specifically recycling of tires into quality products, as opposed to heat generation, will become more important in the years to come.

Romain Hansen

global director, Goodyear

We recognize the quality of the work done to develop an optimized rubber powder and to enable its use as a raw material in rubber mixes, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Jean-Claude Fauré

senior tire research specialist, Michelin

With sustainability on every tire company’s agenda, Aquajet’s technology is very much of its time. Having been steadily developed over several years, the renewed investment it received in 2015 proves that it is on the right track.

Graham Heeps

editor, Tire Technology International magazine and chairman of the judging panel