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Press Release

The aim of the Hungarian green technology company is to reach and conquer international markets by selling both recycled waterjet-milled rubber powder and the tire milling technology itself. In order to reach the aforementioned objectives AquaJet Ltd. has carried out several development measures resulting in a doubled production capacity. By launching a new production line and renewing the existing ones, the plant is now capable of producing up to 800 tons of waterjet-milled rubber powder per year. The renewal enables the processing (and recycling) of tires of bigger vehicles as well. Therefore the total size range of tires recycled by AquaJet Ltd.’s new system goes up to 56 inches.

”With our green technology innovation we are able to create long-term value that is not restricted to Hungary only. We are in negotiations with the European representatives of the most prominent international tire companies, aiming to be a dominant part of the international tire market. We look forward to the upcoming years and taking a major role in the renewal of the tire recycling industry”, said Gábor Kostyál, CEO and founder of AquaJet Ltd.

The patented, unique rubber recycling technology provides a solid ground for the company’s aspirations. The technology developed by AquaJet Ltd. mills the tires as a whole with ultra high pressure (UHP) water jets. Even without preliminary shredding, the output is a fine granulate with a diameter below 400 microns. The tread, sides and interior of the tires are treated separately, resulting in various rubber compounds. The remaining powders are widely used as raw materials or raw material substitutes in rubber, tire, building and plastics industry. As for the carcass of the recycled tires, these can be sold and recycled as scrap metal.

Recognizing the innovativeness of AquaJet Ltd.’s technology, the company was awarded the Environmental Achievement Award at Tire Technology Expo 2016, the world’s most important tire industry exhibition and conference. The environmentally friendly technology has also been acknowledged by various international professional forums including a prize won in 2008 at POLLUTEC, the international exhibition of environmental equipment.